DOST-8 through the Biliran PSTC deployed the Energy Audit Team of Biliran Province State University headed by Engr. Bryan Bernil and Engr. Neil SereƱo on Sept 16, 2021 to address some problems in the operation of the only micro hydropower system that exist in Biliran Province used by the Cabadiangan Cold Spring Resort in Naval, Biliran. Cabadiangan Cold Spring Resort utilizes hydroelectric power for its lighting needs and in the production of tube ice needed by its customers. For more than a year, the resort owners Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Curso, had been using this micro power generation system with the capacity of 5KW. However, the owner has experienced recently unstable power generation. The resort noticed low voltage output even if the water flow is very stable. This resorted them to use the power supplied by the local Electric Cooperative which is more costly instead of using the hydropower system which is a renewable energy source and is free for their use. Because of this, the proprietors sought the support of DOST for possible assessment of the facility. The team of electrical engineers conducted assessment of the design and structures of the micro hydro system from the water flow rate, the elevation of the water source, the location of the turbine, the condition of the motor, and the over-all design of the system. The team also assessed the total load of the facility to determine the causes of the problem. The team is expected to submit their findings and recommendations to the client after a month. DOST-8 provided the consultancy fee to the experts through their mother agency BiPSU Main Campus under the School of Engineering.