Notice is hereby given that the DOST-Director IV (SG-28) position of the Financial and Management Service (FMS) is vacant. The aforesaid position is proposed to be filled up immediately.

Qualification Requirements:

Education: Master's Degree in relevant fields (e.g., Financial Management, Public Administration, Business Administration, etc.) or Certificate in Leadership and Management from CSC; and Certified Public Accountant.
Work Experience: At least three (3) years of extensive work experience in Financial management two (2) years of which shall be in supervisory or managerial level.
Relevant Training: At least 120 hours of relevant training in the last five (5) years, 40 hours of which are supervisory/managerial trainings.







Brief Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

The Director is in charge of the over-all management and supervision of the Financial and Management Service (FMS) which is "responsible for providing the Department with efficient and effective staff advice and assistance on budgetary, financial and management improvement matters."

Among the responsibilities of the FMS Director are as follows:

  • Supervises the performance of Divisions under FMS namely, Budget Division (BD), Accounting Division (AD), and Management Division (MD);
  • Renders advisory/consultative service and/or assistance regarding financial matters to DOST top management, services, and units of DOST-CO and all attached agencies/regional offices;
  • Reviews, analyzes and recommends the DOST program expenditures, allocation and releases of funds for approval of the Secretary;
  • Reviews, validates and endorses for the Secretary's approval monhtly, quarterly, and other consolidated reports of DOST OSEC and attached agencies as required by various oversight bodies;
  • Liases with various offices (e.g., DBM, COA, Senate, House of Representatives, etc.);
  • Approves and ensures timely processing of payments and remittances;
  • Undertakes other works as may be assigned.

Documentary Requirements:

  1. Application Letter;
  2. Updated curriculum vitae to include work experience/s, duties and responsibilities and three (3) references (names and contact details);
  3. NBI Clearance;
  4. Self-Certification of No Pending and No Conviction of any administrative and criminal charges (form attached);
  5. One 2x2 ID Photo; and
  6. Essay on the applicant's vision and strategies in the management and supervision of the Financial and Management Service (FMS) including suggestions on how to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness (not more than two pages).

Please forward all application to:

Assistant Secretary for Finance, and
Chairperson, Search Committee for FMS Director
3rd Flr., EPDC Bldg., MIRDC Complex, Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City

Deadline for submission of application is on 15 January 2020.



Equal Opportunity Principle:
This office adheres to the existing general policy of no discrimination and equal opportunity (EOP). All qualified applicants are welcome to apply regardless of age, sex, civil status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE), disabilities, religion, and/or indigenous group membership.