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It was then that Mr. Pla was able to set his mind and had a clear direction for the company. The firm received a technology upgrading fund assistance released in 2013 for the acquisition of High-end Label Printer worth Php 460,000.00 This intervention led to the exapansion of the firm's services which enabled them to acquire new and faster machines that later on helped them to: (1) double their sales; (2) increase the number of employees with high minimum wage and benefits such as PhilHealth, Pagibig, SSS, 13th-month pay and quarterly performance bonus; and (3) open new branch in Brgy. Caraycaray, Naval, Biliran and another one soon in Carigara, Leyte.

With this success in his business, Mr. Pla shared that the overall sucess of his business lies in the simple and practical strategies that he and his wife bear in their minds. He shared that these strategies are as simple as putting God at the center of the business operation by changing their attitude towards money and business controlling cash flow by making sure that more money comes in and less money goes out, and lastly, by simplifying their standard of living.

“In summary,” he said, “let me tell you that we are doing business not just for profit and money alone. Money and our business are just means to an end, and that end, we believe, is to be able to share our blessings to those who need our help.”

Indeed, success is evident to those who know how to give back!



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